About Us

SILI is…

Style – The simplicity of our products and colourful designs make SILI stand out in a crowd.  Our customers don’t want the mediocre; they want style and fun in their lives. They are the trendsetters who give us inspiration in our stylishly designed and colourful products.

InventionSILI reinvents the boring and mundane and makes it trendy and colourful. We find niche markets, invent and develop products to meet the consumer’s needs. We focus on new and innovative technology.

Luxury – Our beautifully designed products project luxury but does not necessarily cost the earth or tax the environment. With the ability to use materials such as Silicone, luxurious colours are enhanced and we are able to not only produce visually stimulating electronics, but products that are partly biodegradable.

Integration – Integrating new technologies into existing products, SILI brings a new dimension to its use in daily lives. We aim to tailor our designs to meet various lifestyle choices.

Experience how SILI can benefit the environment and enrich your life today.

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